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Inspired by the Rite of Spring of Igor Stravinsky.

A new project of The Israeli Ballet and the Mayumana Group.

Many creators have interpreted The Rite of Spring, a very sensual, innovative and tempestuous creation that sometimes seems to be on the verge of madness, as a tribal conflict, the bursting of spring from winter through immolation, ritual dance, repetitive ceremonies and usage of tribal music. In the current creation all those will be a part of the show alongside with urban–modern rituals which we experience nowadays.

In this unique project, we do not aim to offer a new interpretation to the legendary creation The Rite of Spring, but to demonstrate a new esthetic perspective inspired by the development of the world of games, be it social games, cultural, urban or interpersonal games.

Both companies will collaborate offering a different interpretation to the music of Stravinsky blended with original Mayumana music and accompanied by special instruments and specially designed stage elements.

27 artists will take part in the show from both companies integrating into the creation The Israeli Ballet's classic ballet techniques and the media and rhythm world of the Mayumana Group.

The Israeli Ballet is the only dance company in Israel that performs a wide selection of the world repertoire of classic and neo–classic ballet. The company employs 30 dancers from around the world including native-born and new comers. Since its establishment, The Israeli Ballet strives to bring the art of ballet, combining in it music, dance, theater and visual arts, not only to the center of the country but also to the periphery, out of the belief that every child, adult and elderly have the right to enjoy this border-crossing art.

Mayumana is a multicultural troupe that developed a unique language of skills, rhythm, music, movement, technology, visual effects, creativity and above all – humor. The center of creation is at The Mayumana House in the old port of Jaffa. The company members arrive from over 20 countries; speak 7 different languages and amongst them dancers, musicians, acrobats, actors, singers and more. Mayumana is touring all around the world and is known for high quality entertaining shows full of energy, creativity and virtuoso talent.

The collaboration between The Ballet and Mayumana ensures a unique experience. The show will be premiered for the first time at the Spring Festival in Rishon Lezion.

Choreography: Ido Tadmor

Original Musical and Arrangements: The Mayumana Group

Artistic Management: Ido Tadmor, Boaz Berman, Eylon Nuphar

Performers: Israeli Ballet dancers and the Mayumana artists


© Mayumana 2013