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A new musical show based on the songs of Matti Caspi

In the heart of Jaffa are two feuding families - the Matalons and the Haqims. Both families live and work on the same street, operating their respective malabi kiosks. Both are entangled in an endless rivalry that has been passed on by the previous generation. In the midst of this antagonism, an unlikely romance blossoms. Will this promising young love survive through the discord and animosity?

Set against the backdrop of magical Jaffa, Mayumana presents a tale of love and hate in "Malabi" - its first musical - by weaving in a repertoire of songs by Matti Caspi. This is also Mayumana's first collaboration with the beloved Israeli singer/songwriter, and MALABI is a tribute to Matti Caspi's musical legacy in the local music scene.

MALABI features a cast of eleven multi-talented and versatile performers. The ensemble will convey the story of "Malabi" by fusing together the unique rhythmical and theatrical language of Mayumana with the compelling musicality of Matti Caspi; and the performers themselves provide their own orchestral accompaniment.

Leading the creative team of MALABI are Boaz Berman and Geri Berman. The songs are specially arranged for the musical by Boaz Berman and Matti Caspi. Dana Tsarfarti is the production's set and costume designer.

The performances will be staged at the Mayumana House in Jaffa, and audiences are immersed into the world of MALABI through audience interaction and participation.

Creators and Artistic Directors: Boaz Berman, Geri Berman

Music Arrangements: Boaz Berman, Matti Caspi

Concept Development: Geri Berman


Ruthi Aharoni, Talia Bik, Ron Freund, Tom Stadler, Itamar Dari, Tal Levy, Hagar Enosh, Ido Kagan, Roni Erel, Or Taragan, Uri Elkayam, Daniel Azoulay, Nofar Katav, Liora Demter

Music Management: Boaz Berman

Artistic Consultant: Eylon Nuphar

Choreography: Natalie Pik

Set and Costume Designer: Dana Tzarfati

Lighting Designer: Roy Milo

Sound Designer: Naor Ben Meir

Producer: Iris Ronly Riklis

Vocal Teacher: Gali Alon

Text Consulting: Sharon Wein

Set Painter: Aharon Kravitz

Assistant to Costume Designer: May Barnea

Set Manufacture: Shabtai Guy, Genia Mishkonov

Production Secretary: Adina Adler

Lighting Operators: Roy Milo, Nitai Doron

Sound Operators: Naor Ben Meir, Elias Anzarut

Back Line: Ofir Sonnenschein

Graphic Design: Moran Bois

PR: Sari Israeli & Keren Rivlin

Photographers: Ran Biran, Oded Kamai

Music Instruments: HALILIT


Performed in Hebrew

© Mayumana 2013