MAYUMANA and SOM Produce present the new MAYUMANA's show, featuring the music of ESTOPA

MAYUMANA has chosen the music of ESTOPA, the renowned and highly-successful Spanish band responsable for creating the perfect blend between rock and rumba - to provide the soundtrack for the storyline of this new show.

RUMBA is about two feuding families that own respective bars in the same barrio in Spain. In the midst of this rivalry an unlikely romance blossoms. The story of RUMBA is told through the unique rhythmic language of MAYUMANA, featuring the music of ESTOPA. Co-produced by MAYUMANA and SOM Produce, RUMBA will open in Madrid, January 2017, at the Teatro Rialto.

Creation and Direction: Boaz Berman, Geri Berman

Associate Direction: David Ottone, Yllana

Executive Production: SOM Produce, Marcos Camara and Juanjo Rivero

Musical Arrangements: Boaz Berman and Estopa

Choreographer: Talia Bik

Rehearsal Manager: Almog Ben Horin


© Mayumana 2013