Planeta Fama

Planeta Fama Producciones is responsible for major international productions and one of the most important distributors in Europe, with great Broadway musicals in Spain such as Annie The Musical, Full Monty, Jecky and Hyde, Peter The Musical, Kinky Boots, and a long etc…
Planeta Fama is also responsible for international tours in Spain and Portugal such as The Great Acrobatic Circus of China, Fire of Anatolya, Mother Africa, Spirit of the Dance…
In 2019 MAYUMANA AND PLANETA FAMA teamed up for the tours of the last shows of MAYUMANA; In the middle of the pandemic, toured more than 150 shows in Spain, being the only international show on tour.
After the great success of Currents, filling all the great theaters of the country, They are performing the new production of their current show: IMPULSO.
Again more than 100 performances in Spain.

Together they made the decision to expand production and distribution, with Planeta Fama being the company responsible for booking their shows in Latin America.